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The English Football Team Goes Green at the World Cup 2014 in Brazil


Nike_England_home_lead_largeIf anyone could help the English football team become extra cool during the World Cup in Brazil this summer, that would be Nike. How? Well, by making them wear “green” kits.

Just a few days ago, the giant manufacturer of sportswear- NIKE, Inc., and English sports officials, revealed the outfits that the team will wear during the highly anticipated Football World Cup, set to begin on 12th June in Sao Paulo. To everyone’s surprise, the guys will hit the pitch in their brand new green gear. Well, only the goal keeper will have an outfit that is green in color, but the others will go “green”, as in the fabric used for the kit is made out of recycled plastic bottles.

Nike is known for being one of the best when it comes to incorporating environmental sustainability in their designs. Ever since the leader in sportswear began the implementation of a scheme through which they recycle plastic bottles and turn them into sports gear, the company has prevented around 2 billion bottles to end up in a landfill. Still being true to themselves, the designers will not divert from their already well-established practice and will dress the English team using that same fabric.

For the making of a single kit, Nike will use roughly 18 plastic bottles to produce recycled polyester. The shorts will have 100% of it, the shirts 96% and the socks 78%. The makers guarantee that the outfit will perform highly as expected. The special Dri-FIT technology will help regulating the body temperature, and localize cooling at the key places, making it extremely suitable for the hot Brazilian summer.

Cool outfit, top-performance design and great for the environment, the English might well turn out to be unstoppable this year.

Image (c) NIKE, Inc.

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