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ETV Motors to Launch Jet Turbine-Based Prius with Higher MPG


turbine-toyota-priusWhat do a car, electricity and a jet engine all have in common? Well, the answer is simple: a modified Toyota Prius and a higher mileage. Israeli start-up ETV Motors, located in Tel Aviv has invested about $12 million in this technology that combines these three elements. The prototype of a modified Prius will be ready next year for testing.etv-turbine

The battery from the Prius has been replaced with a high density one, that should propel the car for 60 to 80 km on a charge, while the micro-turbine acts as an on-board charger for the battery. The ETV micro-turbine can be fueled by a multitude of sources (CNG, biodiesel), and will have a heat recovery system for improved efficiency, which the company says it will be about 30%.

The company also says that they have been contacted by important car manufacturers for selling their patent, because using their turbine would give higher mileage than using an ICE for hybrid vehicles.

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  1. Ovidiu,

    I agree. Time will tell.

    If it’s a good idea and their funding comes from private hands, then good for them. If it’s a mediocre idea and their funding comes from the public till, then I’m not at all happy. Time will tell.

  2. Frank
    the Chrysler Turbine was a flop because the power turbine blades at that time in history could not run hot enough
    what your saying is true IF and only IF the heat were to be put back in
    BEFORE compression
    BUT the heat is put back in AFTER THE AIR HAS BEEN COMPRESSED !!!
    just like the heat from combustion is input after compression so is the heat
    from regeneration
    you have an inter net connection look up how gas turbines work before you do
    get at least a basic understanding of the carnot cycle

  3. Turbines are efficient only at a narrow power band and are inneficient if the exhaust heat is recaptured. Ever hear of the Chrysler Turbine? They experimented with heat regeneration to no avail. Turbines run best in frigid air that is forced in partially by 300MPH jet speeds and once they have to directly drive the motive shaft get even more inneficiant. Then to make them generate electricity is more wasted energy. This all sounds like another dead end pie in the sky wishfull thinking experiment to no where.


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