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More Details About Faraday Future, The EV Manufacturer That Challenges Tesla


faraday-futureFaraday Future, the new kid on the block, who are set to challenge Tesla at the high end of the EV market.

Just when we all thought we knew all the players on the EV market, a new start-up came to shake the ground and remind everyone that their seats should not become all that comfortable. Faraday Future, is a promising start-up that came out of the blue and surprised everyone with their ambition to build the super luxurious electric car of the future, which is less of a transport mode and more of an interactive tool.

The new generation EVs will be built in a $1 billion manufacturing plant, and apparently should be ready for sale in early 2017. The location of the factory is not yet confirmed, although it is narrowed down to four states- California, Georgia, Louisiana and Nevada. The investors are also kept a secret, but rumor has it, there is a bigger company involved, one run by a Chinese billionaire, who is compared to Apple’s Steve Jobs.

Faraday Future has abut 400 employees, many of whom have come from Tesla. The company has been keeping a low profile, with a small central office outside Los Angeles. Not much is know about the company, it even took more than a year for them to come out and shake the EV world with their ambitious announcements.

Of course, before we see the first vehicle out and about, it would be difficult to imagine that Tesla has something to worry about. Nevertheless, it does sound quite cool- the cars will be all-electric and will be aimed at the high-end of the EV market.

According to the public spokesman of Faraday Future, the company wants to make their cars act like our current mobile devices- use them as a mean to interact, and communicate. The guys believe that today’s electric vehicles do not meet the needs of today’s customers, and they plan to change this for good. The team is taking, as they put it, a “user-centric, technology-first approach”, and believe that they can connect the driving experience to our everyday activities.

We shall wait and see where this story will take us, but it all sounds very mysterious and exciting.

Image (c) Faraday Future

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