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Ferrari’s New V12 Line to Have KERS Hybrid Technology Onboard


Ferrari boss Amedeo Felisa once said having only 6 cylinders in a respectable car was unthinkable. However, thank God mentalities do change and this is no longer the case. So Ferrari can safely think about their introduction, as part of its long-term CO2 reduction plan. In the meantime, the famous Italian automobile company has launched the F12 Berlinetta, a road-opener for the coming V12s.

According to the interview Felisa offered to Autocar, the company wants to use the F1-derived KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) on all its future V12s, hoping to successfully combine power with a more “green” approach.

Felisa says it’s very possible the technology will become “standard,” even though it’s currently rather pricey. But pricey doesn’t scare Ferrari – its officials are actually counting on the costs to drop due to future improvements in the area.

Speaking of the KERS system, fans will probably recall the Ferrari 599 GTB, which relied on a low-capacity electric motor at the front and a rear-mounted one rated at 100bhp and 110lb ft, while the batteries found themselves over the floorpan. So, if you’ve loved the Ferrari 599 GTB, then you’ll surely dig the next Enzo, which will carry a mid-mounted V12.

It remains to be seen what Ferrari has in store, but it must be something good anyway, and greener for that matter…

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