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Honda FCX Clarity to Also Be Used as Power Source for Homes


With the advent of smart grids, the world will be a better place, at least in what concerns power outages. Electric cars will take over the role of buffering the extra electricity and, when in their garages, they will be able to even cope with big outages.

Honda, the company that designed the FCX Clarity, world’s first and most complete hydrogen-powered car, has now given the car the possibility to be connected to the smart grid and to provide 9kW of continuous power for homes by installing an inverter in its trunk.

While battery-powered electric vehicles can provide electricity for only a couple of days, the hydrogen fuel cell can produce energy for up to 6 days, during which the grid can be restored to normal or the vehicle can be recharged with hydrogen (if possible during such an event).

Though for the moment Honda leased the FCX Clarity only to a handful of people in the U.S. and Japan, it plans to enter the open market in 2015. Until then, the worldwide hydrogen infrastructure will already be much more advanced than it is today.

Daimler is also known to have an interest in fuel cell vehicles, having adapted their now famous B-class to run on hydrogen. This gives Europe a big advantage in what the fueling sector is concerned.

[via nikkei]



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