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Fisker Karma Review by an Actual Owner


In the post-Sandy aftermath, you’ve surely heard of Fisker and their loss of several million dollars-worth of hybrid cars. Karma, Fisker’s flagship hybrid, costs about $100,000 and contains a V8 engine and an electric motor. However, it is not a sportscar, despite its gorgeous looks.

As a hybrid, the Karma has no competition, but as an electric car, it’s located somewhere between Tesla’s Model S and the Roadster. However, it lacks the power such an expensive car needs to get attention.

The following video has been made by a Fisker Karma owner and I think it’s the most accurate and detailed description of the car so far. So, if you’re interested in the Karma, go take a look before deciding yourself to buy it.

Nevertheless, remember, no matter what this guy’s disappointment points are, the Karma is still a good car (as he states in the end). Fisker needs to refine it a bit more, that’s all. For $100K you have the right to be picky.

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  1. This video was made almost a year ago and 90% of the things the owner complains about were fixed by summer 2012.  It’s no longer an accurate reflection of the Karma experience if you’re driving off the lot today.

  2. RE: “Karma, Fisker’s flagship hybrid, costs about $100,000 and contains a V8 engine and an electric motor.”
    Actually it has a 2.0-liter GM EcoTec 4-cylinder turbo under the hood. And it has two 401-hp electric motors, not only one.


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