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MoDo – Ford’s Smart, Folding Electric Bike


_81368517_81367252Ford has introduced a new generation of smart folding e-bicycle, which is believed to provide the missing link between the different means of public transport.

Busy lifestyles, daily commutes, and numerous other excuses that people find so that they can justify sitting behind the wheel, result in long traffic lines and delays, toxic emissions, and thus heart and lung problems, obesity, premature child birth- the consequences are endless.

Within the EU alone, billions of euros are lost every year solely because of traffic congestion, and the estimates jump off the roof when pollution factor is added. Governments are trying to tackle these problems with numerous initiatives, like additional bike lanes, or rediscovering existing infrastructure. However, it seems the technology that is on offer has not managed to capture the attention of the drivers, and provide them with an acceptable and price-tempting alternative.

In their attempt to become more eco-friendly, while introducing new green trends in transportation, Ford developed their first bikes, which are folding, electric, smart, green, much more mobile than any four-wheel drive, and come in two version- a commercial one for couriers, and a standard one for regular commuters.

The MoDo e-bikes were shown for a first time at the Mobile World Congress , which is currently taking place in Barcelona. The specifications of the bikes include a 200-watt motor, 9-amp-hour battery, and safety sensors to alert riders of approaching vehicles.

There is also a fully developed smartphone app that connects to the bikes and provides navigation. The makers also plan to include train times and services, as well as suggestions for alternative route options in case of cancellations. Conveniently, the bikes are also folding, probably not as small as the Helix but still, making them a perfect carry-on package for the train.

E-bikes definitely seem to be picking up speed, and although many still doubt whether car manufacturers will lead the revolution, Ford is a clear example that they might actually do it. Of course, we still have to see at what price.

E-bikes are a light, green, good for your health and the environment, yet having the power to give you the little e-push you might need while pedaling back from work after a difficult day. They can get anywhere, and over-take any vehicle stuck in traffic. I see no reason why people should not opt for such solution.

Image (c) BBC

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