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France To Have First Hydrogen-Powered Car By 2015


France’s first hydrogen powered car was tested at Marcoussis, a town in the center of the country, and will be put on sale by the end of 2015.

According to Benoît Potier, head of the French company Air Liquide, “the new technology reduces carbon dioxide by 30%. The car is equipped with an engine that produces electricity instantly, and it’s also using a battery powered by the hydrogen tank.

In only 5 minutes the vehicle is fully charged and the user can drive a distance of about 500 km.”

Air Liquide has offered to invest in a new study in order to find out how many hydrogen pumps are needed to fuel this kind of cars.

In Germany, already existing hydrogen stations will be operational in a few years. In Korea and Japan hydrogen powered cars are already on the roads.

[via GreenReport]

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