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Frito-Lay Greens Up Arizona Factory With Various Sustainable Technologies


Some companies use the term “green” to wash their polluting image – the best term used for their actions is “greenwashing.” Others simply implement technologies into their own production plants that not only recycle their own waste, but also stop CO2 emissions by producing energy. Such is the case with Frito-Lay.

The company has big plans for greening up not only their image, but also their factories. Their latest project yielded a 75% net-zero energy plant that they call “the greenest manufacturing facility in the U.S.”

Well, they packed a lot of technologies in the Arizona plant. First of all, they have a water recovery system that recycles 75 percent of the wasted water, a 5-MW solar power array, a biomass boiler and a solar parking lot. And let’s not forget to mention the solar Stirling engine, which is a technology forgotten by many, but old as it is, it’s effective in many applications.

Frito-Lay will use the Arizona plant to study what works and will replicate the technologies to their other facilities. “We need to be able to have this technology ready to go for when local and current conditions dictate it,” says Al Halverson, Senior Director of Sustainability.

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