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The Future of Transportation Means Hydrogen And Electricity, Says Shell


designingtheThere are many speculations and predictions to what the future for the transport industry holds. Based on past and current trends, many have tried to produce the most realistic projections that could represent the future markets. What is most striking, however, is that if previously renewable energy sources have been mostly mentioned in the reports of environmental NGOs, now even oil giants like Shell admit that the future is in green technology.

Seen only as a bad scenario not long ago, high energy demands, scarcity of resources and climate change are now a limited few of the threats that the world is increasingly facing. Many companies are more often than ever producing reports, analyzing and adjusting their business plans, in order to cope with the harsh reality, while governmental officials are continuously changing policies.

In the past, it was very common for oil companies to twist the truth for their own benefit and profit, and present somewhat unrealistic numbers and facts. The current situation, however, has become so obvious, that even Shell cannot hide behind statistics and predicted an oil-free future for the transportation industry by year 2070.

As part of their sustainability report, Shell predicts that hydrogen and electricity will completely replace the use of oil, and affordable hybrid hydrogen and plug-in vehicles will be the only ones on the road. Nevertheless, the company is still pushing the use of natural resources, although their current aim is a switch to natural gas.

To be completely fair, other companies that are not part of the oil industry, have predicted that this clean technology revolution will happen much faster than what Shell outlines in their scenarios. But the fact that even the oil giants acknowledge the transition is already quite a good indicator that green innovations will be the core of our energy future.

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