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World's Cheapest "Eco" Bulb That Lasts For 60 Years


lightbulb_1248813cThe researchers at Cambridge University have invented a new type of “eco” bulb that lasts for 60 years and is three times more efficient than current energy light bulbs. It can reduce the lighting bills by up to 75%.

The new bulbs use Gallium Nitride (GaN), a substance used in light emitting diodes. These bulbs are already used in: camera flashes, bike lights and mobile phones.

The mass production has been difficult until now, because the material was obtained from sapphire. The problem has been solved by the Cambridge researchers using silicon bases. A producer situated in Durham has already started to develop prototypes and the first such bulbs may be available in the stores from Britain in about two years.

In Britain, changing the classic bulbs with “eco” bulbs already started. The carbon emissions will be reduced by five million tonnes per year. It is estimated that the new types of bulbs could reduce the amount of carbon eight times. They can light for 100,000 hours and the price for one such bulb is just 3$.

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  1. The aluminum gallium nitride used shrinks much more slowly as it cools so it does not crack like sapphire, so it allows the production of LEDs on silicon wafers, cheap.

    The researches say that on a $15 silicon wafer they can accommodate 150,000 LEDs, so the price will finally be affordable for having light created by LEDs in our homes.


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