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Thorium: The Ultimate Cleanest Nuclear Energy Source


nuclear-power-plantThe president of the Unite States of America Barack Obama could be the person to influence the usage of the ultimate alternative energy source ever discovered: THORIUM.

Contrary to misconception that we have an energy shortage, we have more energy available than we could ever consume. Today we can generate nuclear energy with an element called thorium, which is more efficient, more abundant and less hazardous than uranium.

Petr Beckmann, a czech refugee from nazism, was a pioneer in promoting nuclear power in America. He did most of his studies and research in USA, but he was not well treated by the environmental movement. Today, Beckmann could be considered a hero even by the green leaders who never saw until now that he worked on a clean, cheap and safe technology.

His work can be continued today by a team conducted by Harvard physicist John Holdren. This team was assembled at request of President Obama. Holdren is known throughout his career as concentrating on climate change, next-generation nuclear energy and nuclear disarmament.

Nuclear power plant reactors use uranium-235 which is a very expensive element and the byoproducts resulted after it’s treatment can be used to produce nuclear weapons. Well, in fact this is the reason why we use today uranium-235, despite the fact that there existed superior fuels – especially thorium.

Thorium is more abundant than uranium-235 and does not produce bio hazardous waste which can be used to create nuclear weapon. Thorium reactors are safer in general to operate, producing little radioactive threat outside their shielding. They cannot, in fact, experience a catastrophic meltdown. Besides all of these things that would recommend it, thorium reactors can be made in any size, even small enough for military aircrafts.

So why do we still use uranium-235 if we already can create nuclear energy with thorium?

For sure there are a lot of new elements in the nature that we can use to produce energy, but the interests of few governments cannot allow us to learn about them. Why? Economy won’t work as it does today, wars cannot be financially supported anymore and people cannot be controlled as today.

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  1. I’m so sorry, Adam, back in March, I was a bit put off by your utterence of “nonsense” to the author. It’s quite a while later, and i believe I may have hurt your feelings, just as you feel that the author hurt your feelings, when you claim that the author wrote “nonsense”

    But I still stand by my suggestion that you try yoga to make yourself more limber, and if you become limber enough that you find that oral self-love is a bonus you find beneficial, then more power to you. Who am I to knock people’s bedroom abilites, when done in the privacy of their own homes? Whatever floats your boat. Have yourself a nice day.

    Kapt. Blasto.

  2. hold on Adam…

    what exactly did he put on his posting that you declared “nonsense”?

    1) Is Thorium more prevalent or not?
    2) can Thorium be used to produce equivalent amount of AC power as it’s U-235 counterpart?
    3) If the by-product of uranium, plutonium, is eliminated with Thorium usage…then why isn’t it being used in more powerplants now?

    4) is the ability of pro-plutionium folks, trying to state that thorium is non-existent or imaginary, or if that failed, attempting to state that throium usage cannot produce equivalent, or faling that, stating the “Years off…” notion…has these efforts been hampereed whenever sucessful reports of thorium usage has been released….?

    5) is is the fact that population control efforts made by governments, either through war campaigns, taxation campaigns, or debt saddling, or contraception, gets stymied whenever new forms of energy usage appears to free people from control structures put in place?

    6) when you tell the author that what he wrote is nonsense…aren’t you putting up a nonsene stonewall? What kind of moral chaperone are you?!

    7) and what exactly do YOU propose to speed up the “Years off…” prospect? And who are you willing to wait for? and what do you propose we do while we do what you tell us to do and “Wait for the Iceman to come” Do you propose we…just sit and twiddle our thumbs? Suck you off in staggered progression? Should we be busy generating revenue to pay you for the wondrous privilege of sucking you off? What kind of health assurances could you guarantee when we line up to service you? and what kind of ammenities could you afford as we provide our unworthy yet necessary services to you?

    8) Perhaps you could try yoga…in mastering yoga, you could be flexible enough to bend over and suck yourself off, while we go and demand that our government allow us to build thorium-only plants.

    Would that be a better prospect for you?
    Just wondering.

  3. You need to do much more research before you come out with nonsense like this. We are years off effective commercial thorium only reactors. Which doesn’t mean they won’t revolutionise energy generation, just not yet.


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