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Gi FlyBike, Foldable Electric Bicycle for Urban Commuters


ef909f41352018c8a5cb0b1d7caf9707_originalGi FlyBike is a sleek and shiny foldable electric bicycle, which can go for 40 miles before the battery needs recharging.

Electric scooters are great for urban commuters, there is no doubt about it, but they are not always the best option. For starters, people, who commute by train for part of their journey to work, would never be able to load a scooter on board, meaning that they will get to one of the stations, but will have to find an alternative route from the other station to the final destination. What is more, there is no way to include even a little bit of exercise into a daily travel.

Now, the alternative is a bicycle, but to opt for this mode of transport, there is quite a bit of will involved. First you have to pedal your way to wherever you are going, and even if that is the idea, there is still a charge to load a normal bike on the train. Then there are the foldable bikes, but with them, there is no way to avoid the pedaling. Alternatively, you can choose an electric bike, which will eliminate the need of pedaling, but you will have to pay to take it on the train, and the additional weight could be a problem too.

So, what is the option? The best of all worlds, of course. Meet the Gi FlyBike, foldable electric bicycle, which is light, can take you up to 40 miles on a single battery charge,  and helps you pedal at a speed of 15 mph.

The bike weighs only 37 pounds (~16 kg), which makes it relatively easy to carry and store. It is made of aircraft grade aluminum, and has a motor that can assist not only on flat city streets, but also on hills and rough terrains.

The battery pack is pretty advanced too, and it powers not only the bike itself, but also a couple of quite advanced and cool features. These include an in-built phone charger, and a smart locking system which locks automatically when the rider moves 15 feet away from the bike, and it is controlled via an app.

Gi FlyBike is currently storming through its Kickstarter campaign, having raised $300,000 on top of the $75,000 that the makers initially asked for. The pre-order price is $2,290 an there are still a few days left on the campaign, so if you’d like to be one of the first owners of a Gi FlyBike, then definitely hurry up. In case you miss the campaign, you will also get a chance to buy it on Amazon Exclusives, the online store for emerging brands.

Image (c) Gi FlyBike


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