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Model S Crushed by Huge Tree – How It Actually Ended


If for a while we haven’t heard of Tesla Model S crashes, deaths and injuries, now it’s time to do so, because, you know, time takes its toll – but in a good way, eventually.

This is the case of a woman and child traveling in a Model S when the terrain beneath them slid and a huge tree fell on the electric car. By this point, the two would have been killed in 99.9% of the cars out there.


But that was not the case with the Model S. The car supported the weight of the tree and didn’t crush. Actually, the portion of the road they were on was above a lake, and the Model S did not slide into that lake, either. It just protected the mother and the child, just like it was designed to.

Now, this is not news for Tesla fans. The Model S broke the NHTSA crush test machine and they also couldn’t make it flip over until they used a forklift. The car is a tank – literally, no matter what option you ticked when you bought it.


Another example: Jeffrey Katzenberg survived a terrible crash on Oct. 19 in Beverly Hills in his Model S. He only broke his right arm, needed heavy surgery but now he’s fine and publicly thanked Elon Musk yesterday for “saving his life.”

Added to all of these is a page where actual users of the car report how good the automatic braking system is and how they really avoided serious injuries and car damage due to it being active.

All in all, this reminds me how important design is to a car and its owner. If you, as a company, don’t have security in mind when you’re at the drawing board stage, and only hope for bigger sales due to outdated gadgets and by faking pollution tests, you only deserve your fate.

Good design, on the other hand, saves lives and makes up for better sales than capitalizing on the brand tradition and perceived quality. You have to earn your living each day, don’t you?

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