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GM Korea's Alpheon eAssist Hybrid 25% More Efficient Than Predecessor


GM wants to release the Volt in Korea, but under a different name. This time it’s dubbed Alpheon eAssist, and it features great improvements regarding the fuel economy – it’s about 25 per cent more economical, compared to its predecessor, the standard Alpheon model.

The Alpheon eAssist is equipped with a 17.6kW electric motor and a 2.4litre spark ignition direct injection engine supplemented by a small lithium-ion battery pack.

In order to achieve the maximum efficiency, the GM Alpheon eAssist also features an ECO gauge on the instrument panel which responds to driver behavior.

This environment-friendly car was capable of achieving the maximum five stars in KNCAP’s (the Korean equivalent of EuroNCAP) frontal crash test, side crash test, offset frontal crash test and whiplash test.

Regarding the company, GM Korea is the third largest in the country and already owns five manufacturing facilities in Korea and Vietnam. So far, it sold more than 1.84million cars.

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