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Researchers Fight Over Global Warming Existence – Who's to Win?


A study published last week reveals the conclusions of a study led by Richard Muller from the University of Berkeley. The study claimed, with irrefutable evidences, that Earth’s average temperature has been raising with about 1 degree Celsius from 1950.

What professor Muller said has shattered the skeptics’ theories saying that there’s no scientific evidence global warming exists. Muller has submitted a graphic to the media that showed a continuous growth in global temperatures in the 1950 – 2000 interval.

Today, however, one of Muller’s main team members accused him of trying to manipulate the public opinion by concealing the study’s true conclusion: the global warming has stopped.

Professor Judith Curry from the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, a famous and respected researcher, declared to The Daily Mail that Muller’s claim is a “huge mistake,” having no scientific background.

Judith Curry has 30 years of experience in the field of atmospheric sciences and co-authored Prof. Muller’s study, named BEST (Berkeley Earth Surface Temperatures Project Team).

Curry claims their studies have revealed that the average temperature hasn’t been rising since the end of the nineties. ‘There is no scientific basis for saying global warming hasn’t stopped. Of course this isn’t the end of scepticism. To say that is the biggest mistake he has made,” she said.

In reply, Muller said: “I was saying you can no longer be sceptical about the fact global temperatures have risen over the past 50 years. There are other aspects of climate change which are still uncertain as I have made clear.”

The BEST study had been gathering data from over sources spread over 15 countries, with more than 1.6 billion temperature readings collected from the beginning of the 19th century. Its conclusions had coincided with those from NASA and the NOAA. Muller had been a skeptic before, and his research had been funded by Koch Industries, a company with deep ramifications in the oil industry.

I don’t fully understand what’s behind the conflict between Curry and Muller, but the melting glaciers at the poles can’t be wrong that something is truly happening – something that has definitely been evolving during the past decade.

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  1. Good one John.
    A lot of energy is being wasted, and the Merchant bankers will pick up the difference.

    From Nikolai Tesla

    Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.

    Your point on Fossil Fuel is very relevant. The ethereal reference to ” Renewable Energy ” is just that, a pipe dream ( bong ).

    If we used all of our industrial might to produce enough solar cells and wind turbines to supply our immediate energy needs, plus a bit for expansion etc and then shut down our fossil fuel based system then the world would start shutting down about 20 years later.

    Consider the complexity of the industrial system just to build a viable solar panel.
    1 mine pure silica sand
    2 develope a sub microsecond production facility to build computers to control the intricate process of creating a solar cell.
    3 box the whole thing together as a solar panel
    4 fit and connect the solar panel
    5 15 years later as it starts to degrade plan for replacement
    6 Time to replace, oops not enough capacity in the system for the system to replace itself.

    If a system cannot produce enough energy to replace itself then it is not renewable, just a pipe dream.


  2. I just have to add my 2 cents. The manipulation of figures inorder to say what ever your point may be is as old as numbers. Look here’s the point… the earth has been slowly warming since the last ice age. So global warming is a scientific fact peroid. Next point…are we as inhabitants of the planet adding green house gases to the carbon cycle? The obivious answer is yes! Can we do better and be cleaner in our energy production? Again the answer is yes! Ok so it seems like the debate is over right? Sorry folks it’s a scam yes the earth is getting warmer can we control it? Not a chance. I look at it this way its like a person wakes up one morning and announces that he or she has discovered that it’s warmer in the daytime than it is at night. Yes it’s all very true and it can be proven scientificly but can we control it? Can we stop the sun from rising? Come on I agree that climate change or global warming is a fact yeah we are probley adding to it but the control part is a deception. It’s a scam, it is a plan much like the sub prime loan market….it’s about the money. If anyone was serious about carbon sequester they would advacate planting more trees. Build more things out of carbon based materials. Lets face it climate change is a great motivator and I’m for cleaner energy but don’t decieve me. If we were to stop using fossil fuels over night would it change anything as far as climate change? Actually I dont think it would….we will have spent tremondous amount of resources, money and time to address a situation we have no real control over or ever will have. We need to find ways to adapt and not spin our wheels trying to control. So if the world is getting hotter we need to find a way to use it to our advantage…sounds like a lot of energy is just being wasted.


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