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LG and General Motors Getting Together To Develop Electric Vehicles


Nowadays, more and more companies are trying to develop different eco-friendly vehicles. Be them electrics or hybrids, they all try to reduce the fuel consumption and the CO2 emissions.

Last week witnessed the signing of what seems to be a big collaboration between two business giants, LG Corp and General Motors. The two companies are planning to develop electric cars, an unusual pairing of an automaker and an electronics maker.

According to the companies, teams of GM and LG engineers will work on key components, as well as vehicle structures and architectures.

The two giants worked together for the all-electric Chevy Volt and the Opel Ampera in Europe. GM also declared that the battery pack of the Chevrolet Volt was developed by LG during that time.

“Many solutions for tomorrow’s transportation needs may be available more quickly by building on our partnership strategy,” said GM vice chairman Steve Girsky, in a statement.

Neither of the companies confirmed which vehicles would be co-developed under the agreement and when would the general public be able to use them.

Another important reason behind this collaboration had been the recently raised requirements of US Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) to 54.5 mpg by the end of the year 2025.

[via Ecofriend/PCMag]

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