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H2 Energy Offers Affordable Hydrogen Generator For Home Use


big unit with water tankLow-cost hydrogen generator from H2 Energy Renaissance is coming soon to wipe out fossil fuels.

It is truly remarkable how clean energy technologies and inventions that seemed like taken from a Sci-Fi movie just 10 years ago, are now on the market and within everyone’s reach.  Developments happen fast, with better and more powerful technologies appearing continuously.

For quite some time, solar has been the dominating renewable energy source for home use. Yes, it does have its limitations, but it is affordable, easy to mount, and relatively maintenance free. Not many other energy sources could compete with this, at least not until now.

Here is the new kid on the block, that is coming to challenge everything that is currently on the energy market- starting with fossil fuels. Meet the first ever affordable hydrogen generator, developed by H2 Energy Renaissance.

According to the makers, the hydrogen generator can produce energy, which is much cheaper than fossil fuels. This is thanks to a perfect synergy between different physical and chemical processes, that together produce hydrogen in a greenhouse-gas-emission-free and affordable manner. The technology behind H2 Energy Renaissance‘s generator is now patented. It is composed of basic metals, and water solution.

The generators produce hydrogen at very cheap cost and end users can get electricity at the rate of 5 to 12 cents per kilowatt. This is about 50% cheaper than energy costs in many countries, challenging nuclear power and coal.

The hydrogen generator can be used practically anywhere. It can power homes, office buildings, as well as various transport modes like cars, trains and ships.  And the best part is, it will soon hit Indiegogo so everyone can get their hands on it.

There will be two different models on offer through the crowdfunding campaign. The first one is specifically designed to power homes. It is about 10” wide x 12” high x “12 long and weighs approximately 50 pounds. The second one, which is larger (15” wide x 20” high by 32” long, 250 pounds) is made to fuel trains, trucks, ships and other vehicles.

The aim is to have the product as cheap as possible and to reach as many people as possible. The price point should be in the ball park of $2k-$7k for home units. If H2 Energy manages to  partner up with a large company the cost will be on the low side and there will be financing options available.

I was very lucky to be able to speak to H2 Energy’s CEO Kirill Gichunts. Not only he answered all my questions (see interview below) , but he also offered an exclusive discount for all “Green Optimistic” readers. Everyone can subscribe here and receive $50 off the purchase of the hydrogen generator.

1. Where and when did the idea for these hydrogen generators originate?

The invention of the first model took place in 2009 at a gold mine in California. It was an accidental invention. A lot of hydrogen was produced. It was clear right away this technology can be used to power the world with clean fuel. Since then the technology underwent complete transformation through 7 models into what it is today.

2. How many people were involved in conceptualizing, and bringing it to reality?

11 people were involved in conceptualizing and bringing the H2 Energy Renaissance Hydrogen Generator to reality. There were 5 PhD scientists involved with backgrounds from top research Universities, NASA and Boeing.

3. What makes this technology better than everything that is out there now?

Never before has hydrogen been so cheap to produce at almost any location where electricity, heat or fuel is needed. Our technology is a source of affordable, clean and carbon free fuel. It is better in two ways:

1.How H2 Energy Renaissance hydrogen is produced

The process of how hydrogen is made makes it affordable. Our generators use electrohydraulic shock to remove oxide film from aluminum and then 16 physical and chemical processes work in unison for a sustained hydrogen production. The technology uses only 100-150 watts of electricity along with water solution and aluminum. The generators run on tap water and can be plugged into the wall, get electricity from a small solar panel or a mini wind turbine. The technology is completely safe.

2. How H2 Energy Renaissance hydrogen is used

The Generator is unique clean technology because it is a source of clean fuel. The H2 Energy Renaissance hydrogen generator can be coupled with a fuel cell, an engine, a combined heat and power unit, a boiler or a turbine, pretty much any technology that produces heat, electricity or mechanical power. Thus, our generator can be placed anywhere electricity, heat or fuel is needed. The localized usage of the generator makes the technology ideal for homes, cars, trucks, ships, factories, commercial centers, farms and anything else.

The best things is the price because end users will save up to 50% and over on energy costs: 1kWh of electricity can be produced at a cost of 3 to 10 cents and 1kilogram of H2 (1 gallon of gas equivalent) costs about $1. A car can drive 60 miles on 1 kilogram of H2.

Now here is the best part. Hydrogen turns to water when burned. There are 0% greenhouse gasses.

4. What is the profile of your potential customer, or in other words, what is your target group?

One target group is anyone who wants to save money on their energy costs. Another group comprises people who care about the health of our planet. This technology will help make our air and water cleaner and help reverse climate change.

5. What is the next step for H2 energy? Do you already have the concept of the “new-and-improved” hydrogen generator? And if it is not a secret, can you tell us what is the particular aspect of the generator that you wish to improve on?

Our hydrogen generator is ready to be licensed. Our next step is to license the technology to a large company. There is always the option to outsource manufacturing but a big company will have established manufacturing facility, go to market channels and financing options for consumers. This way, a lot of people can use our hydrogen generator and the technology would be a breeze to purchase. We are currently in talks with couple of large corporations.

As our next step, we would like to buy a hydrogen engine driven electricity generator set and connect our “sources of fuel” for a demonstration unit. We would also like to integrate sensors linked to a computer. This is all practical technical integration and would cost about $150k. Once we have an integrated unit we would showcase it to potential licensors. This is why we are going to Indiegogo. Not long after people will be able to use hydrogen generator units for their transport, homes and businesses.

6. How do you see the next 10 years for H2 energy. What is your personal goal and wish?

Hydrogen is a clean and safe source of energy. Our technology makes hydrogen energy more affordable than fossil fuels and nuclear while practical for wide scale usage. Hydrogen can be used practically for anything that needs power. Cars, trucks, ships and trains can use hydrogen. Homes, skyscrapers, factories, farms and anything else can use this technology. Islands countries such as Japan and developing countries such as China can replace coal usage and nuclear usage with clean hydrogen and reduce contamination of air and water. Given such wide breadth of application I anticipate hydrogen to become a key recognized energy source in transport and electricity generation over the next ten years.

An encouraging trend is the fact that leaders in their field are becoming conscious about our environment. For instance, Mark Zukerberg and Bill Gates formed Breakthrough Energy Coalition joined by legendary business figures such as George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Tom Stayer and others to facilitate discovery of carbon free energy sources. It is great to see Leonardo DiCaprio address the danger of climate change during his Oscar speech. I’d like to say “we have a solution, come visit us and see it deliver”.

Fifteen years ago I decided to dedicate my career and my life to apply best business practices to help people. I feel I have a great responsibility to save lives and the planet by pushing this technology forward. I wish others join and support such an urgent and important cause.

Kirill Gichunts, CEO H2 Energy Renaissance

Image (c) H2 Energy

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  1. Have done experiments w/ who and spin field generators and it tightens orbital radius and smaller gives more implosive power. Faster also.
    Was wondering if/what pressure change would be inside pressurized h2 bottle after 15 minutes.
    Could this extra be the ticket for humanity???

  2. Dear CEO:
    Greetings from China!
    We are a energy conservation Ltd in Shanghai, China. Since 15 years we dedicated in solar and clean energy. We also have division and brother Ltd in Haining city, Zhejiang province.

    Now solar energy products are tooo much in China, saturated. We are looking for new and good clean energy project to invest.

    We are interested in your HHO kit very much !! A really revolutionary
    innovation !! You stated “The best things is the price because end users will save up to 50% and over on energy costs: 1kWh of electricity can be produced at a cost of 3 to 10 cents and 1kilogram of H2 (1 gallon of gas equivalent) costs about $1. A car can drive 60 miles on 1 kilogram of H2.
    Our hydrogen generator is ready to be licensed. Our next step is to license the technology to a large company “
    Great !!! Your products will have extremely huge market in China!

    We hope to :

    1) become your exclusive distributor in China and Asia.

    2) alternatively, create a Joint-Venture in our city to manufacture such HHO kits and market in China and Asia.
    For these two cooperation, we pay all funds, we don’t need your money investment.

    If you agree, we are going to form a NEW Ltd to cooperate with you.

    Dear CEO, please send us Non Disclosure Agreement( NDA ) for our
    municipal government to sign, Then we welcome you to visit our city,
    we will greet you in Shanghai Pudong airport, andoffer nice Hotels
    and delisious foods for you……

    Dear CEO, may I call you? What is your telephone number?

    Prof Alfred Tang
    email : [email protected]
    mobiel phone: 189 8848 4202

  3. How will your totally Green system with zero GHG emission produce power at night time or when the sunshine is absent?
    Do you store hydrogen gas and if yes, how much pressure and what type of storage cylinder do you use.?
    Can you store hydrogen for long winters , lasting up to 6 months in Arctic zones?

  4. Hydrogen is a heat. Not a watt of electricity. Old Steam engines used steam heat from a wood burning water boiler. Steam heat under pressure turned the wheels. Hydrogen would be your heat source.

  5. The technology uses only 100-150 watts of electricity… may I know how much H2 can be produced by such wattage of electricity?

  6. I don’t know how old your info is however the aluminum used in the process of generating hydrogen is not a green metal. Neither is the process of producing hydrogen from aluminum an original idea – see Cornish machine and see using coke and other cans.
    What would be a thriller is if H2 energy really are who this site say’s they are then perhaps they could use their vision and contact the C.S.I.R.O. in Australia and present their credentials and vision to provide households with the ability to produce their own low cost energy requirements. Perhaps H2 could achieve a partnering scheme to enable them to move forward with this idea.


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