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The Best Review of a Tesla Model X Ever


If you’ve been secretly admiring the Tesla Model X lately, then you will surely want to watch this. It’s one of the best and fairest reviews made by anyone I know in recent history.

EverydayDriver made a review that’s balanced, has common sense and, unlike Top Gear-like movies, isn’t focused on super-mega-extravagant gas guzzling pieces of metal and what the Stig can do with them, but more towards the everyday driving experience the Tesla Model X can offer.


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  1. Apparently you don’t know the meaning of objective. It is largely Tesla marketing-speak. “You don’t even have to drive it.” Really? Well, if you like fatal accidents and refuse to follow the safety requirements that even Musk admits are a requirement for Autopilot.

    If this is “objective”, then thank goodness for Consumer Reports vs. Daily Driver.

  2. I’ve seen this video and didn’t find it that objective at all. there is a lot missing from that review to fairly cover this car and let us make an informed decision.


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