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Honda’s Three New Hybrid Systems Hit The Market


Three brand new hybrid systems were presented by the Japanese giant “Honda”, each covering a different need of individual customers. It seems hybrid technology takes over a large part of Honda’s future plans.

Each hybrid serves multitude of uses in different cars, and although it should not always be about efficiency, two out of the three systems focus on fuel economy.

The 2014 Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid will have the Intelligent Mode Hybrid, becoming the first car to have the system. The transmission and engine are specifically designed to operate in EV, Engine or Hybrid modes. The first mode, EV, allows driving for up to 15 miles with limited battery. The Engine mode is dedicated to highway speeds, while the Hybrid mode allows charging of the battery through the gas engine.

The second hybrid is called Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system, and it is all about performance. It already appeared on the Acura NSX Concept, however its official presentation would be on Acura RLX early next year. The expected V8-like performance, and fuel economy of a four cylinder will be achieved thanks to three electric motors and 3.5 liter V6 engine. The Sport Hybrid is expected to produce up to 370 horse power, with returning combined gas mileage of 30 mpg.

And last, but not least, the third hybrid is the Intelligent dual-clutch drive. Its characteristics include a 7-speed transmission, 1.5 liter Atkinson-cycle engine and a high-output super-efficient electric motor. This system is expected to be fitted to small Honda models, most probably the next-generation CR-Z, mainly because the aim is to improve the efficiency with 30% while reducing the weight.

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