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Hu2’s Wall Stickers Guilt You in Switching Off the Light


top-1fSmall French designer studio, Hu2, has come up with a clever way to encourage people to never leave the light on behind them. They created tiny wall stickers to go around the light switch, representing a dirty carbon-emitting factory, to remind us that we pollute the atmosphere by wasting energy.

I wonder if there would ever be a valid excuse for people to leave the light on when they are not in a room. Unfortunately, it happens much more often than we wish, regardless of how eco-cautious we are. In most cases it is simply a matter of forgetting it on. However, if you do it on purpose, you are the primary aim of Hu2, who want to make you feel guilty every time you decide not to hit that switch.

With their unique CO2 Campaign, the guys from Hu2 aim to reduce the amount of unnecessary carbon emissions, released in the atmosphere through generation of dirty power. In fact, the guys state that unnecessary lighting results in 40% additional emissions, and waste of $2.8 billion every year.

The stickers, which look like dirty carbon-emitting factory, or a polar bear struggling to stay afloat, target all those among us, who simply do not realize that leaving the light on, means encouraging CO2 emissions. But I see it as a functional reminder to eco-cautious people, who simply forget the light on once in a while. For them, it could just be the back spot on their white wall that screams at them if they don’t hit the switch.

We should always keep in mind that the only way to save the environment for future generations is to work together and not be selfish. It is in our hands to decide whether we want to live in a sustainable fashion, or be stubborn ignorant rebellions, who believe the world has to serve them and their selfish needs. Maybe having a small reminder stuck on the wall, just in case, is not so bad after all.

Buy a sticker, it costs only $1. It might not make a huge difference on on your personal electricity bill, but it will surely mean a lot for our environment.

Check out the full collection of stickers here. The company also offers other stickers to remind people to turn off the tap, or wash their hands.

Image (c) Hu2

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