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RecycleDot – Smartest Recycled Furniture in the World?



Here is a new Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that combines modern living with a distinctly environmental flair: RecycleDot – World’s Smartest EcoFriendly Tabouret

First, we will start with a piece of furniture that is exceptionally useful around the house, or even outside, because everyone needs a place to sit, don’t they? A tabouret, or short stool, can be stacked up when not in use, yet easily deployed when guests arrive, perfect for sitting around a campfire or coffee table. Still, RecycleDot is not just any old stool, but the “Smart” version is equipped with more electronics than any recycled-tire has ever been.

Recycled tires, is that what I said? Yes, and here is the point. Some 13.5 million metric tons of tires are scrapped every year around the world, some processed into road coverings, and others recycled, upcycled, and repurposed. Some even goes to tire-based synthetic fuels. Unfortunately, the vast majority of scrap tires are simply discarded, an environmental and health hazard for millions of people around the world. For example, tire leachate is carcinogenic, piles can spontaneously combust, and intact tires are the perfect home for rodents and mosquito breeding (read: Malaria and West Nile Virus).

Each RecycleDot Tabouret is constructed of ecofriendly materials, including a recycled tire, jute rope, and wood, as well as four metal legs. Because of variations in rope and tires, each tabouret is a unique work of art, comfortable to sit on, and highly weather-resistant. As desirable as these qualities are, however, it was not enough for the designer. “I had remembered an internet tutorial where a guy explained how many things could be made with a used tire. I decided not to stop at just making a simple tabouret,” designer Mike Sandru explains, “I wanted to make it smarter, to communicate in one way or another with the user. That way, people would enjoy sitting on it.”

Indeed, the RecycleDot “S” is equipped with electronics that take the user experience far beyond a comfortable sit. Approaching the smart tabouret at night, soft blue ambient lighting lets you know where it is, an inviting place to sit, perhaps. Accepting this invitation, sitting down turns off the lighting automatically. Beyond this, however, is a 6 W Bluetooth-connected speaker system, backed up by a rechargeable battery, so you can listen to whatever tunes are on your smartphone, tablet, or pc. Looks like a cool seat, perhaps the most advanced seat I have ever sat on, plus it gets rid of some scrap tires.

You can visit Mike’s page and get a RecycleDot smart tabouret here.

Image © Mike Sandru

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