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Making Plastic Pallets From Recycled Tires


If you think old tires should be disposed of as fast as possible, think again. CTC Plastics together with Lehigh Technologies Inc.are producing a revolutionary product.

The compound offered by the Dayton based company, CTC, is called Xpro Rubber Batch, which contains micronized rubber powder made from unusable old tires by Leigh Technologies.

The 50-50 mix of powder and polypropylene is used as a 100% recycled structural material for pallets manufacturing. These pallets not only cost less and reduce carbon footprint, but their quality and performance is just as high as any other pallets made from raw materials. The pallets are produced using injection and compression molding.

John Dennis, chief operating officer of CTC, is very proud of the product, especially considering that used tires are amongst the worst pollutants.

This masterbatch mixture is also sold separately to companies and customers who produce industrial packaging.

Since the announcement of the partnership between the two companies during Pack Expo 2012 in Chicago, John Dennis has received numerous questions and enquiries about the material and the pallets.

Taking the customers’ needs into account, the company is now researching a way to use polyethylene in the production of a compound which will allow the masterbatch to be used in various other products.

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