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“Green” Blonde Walks Into Library. See What She’s Up To!


Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle - Quieter Than the LibrarianAdvertising catches your attention, and hopefully holds on long enough to make a point. A humorous advertisement, by the Clean Energy Partnership [CEP], takes a little look at what it’s like trying to find your favorite book as quietly as possible.

The point? Hydrogen fuel cell [HFC] vehicles, and by extension, electric vehicles [EV], are quiet, so quiet in fact, that even the librarian will be surprised. I guess the video above is self-explanatory.

HFCs and EVs share one common factor, the electric motors, which make them nearly silent. Additionally, unlike noisy internal combustion engines, they have no emissions.

In the case of an HFC vehicle, where the electricity is generated on board, the only emissions are oxygen and water vapor. Could you sneak up on the librarian in an HFC vehicle?


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