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HydroWing – Tethered Tidal and Marine Current Energy Generator


A company called  SeaKinetics has recently developed an innovative, tethered tidal and marine current energy generator known as “HydroWing“, that is capable of providing zero carbon emission renewable energy by converting tidal power into clean electricity.

This device is a marine current turbine power system that operates anchored, submerged at a variable depth, and can operate in depths up to 150m.

A power station of similar devices can be constructed underwater, having the possibility to be connected to an underwater power substation. According to the requirements, each individual HydroWing device can independently be controlled to vary its own depth.

For balance and stability, each HydroWing system is equipped with a hydrofoil lifting surface, counteracting the downward pull created by the mooring cable that acts against the drag forces. The devices are safe against any wave actions, debris or storms because the system is submerged.

[Source: Ocean Power Magazine/Ecofriend]

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