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Protoscar Makes Waves Before Geneva Motor Show With Lampo II Electric Vehicle


Switzerland can finally brag with their most expensive sports car: Protoscar has just finished the development and manufacturing of a 1 million Euro electric sports car prototype called Lampo.

But the engineers move really fast as Protoscar already has Lampo II on the role, and it should come very soon. Protoscar’s ideas does not imply mass production or selling of such EVs. They just want to show the world what’s that special about an electric vehicle and why the world needs them so desperately. This could inspire OEMs to invest in the manufacturing of Electric Vehicles.

The Tocino-based company is involved in the movement of changing the vehicle power source from fossil fuels to electricity. Protoscar thinks that some technologies are far away from us, like the fuel cells, for example, but electric and hybrid should be implemented now without any delays. We already know the EV technology is viable even if it needs further improvements but who cares anymore? At least it’s clean! Fossil fuel technology needs improvements as well, that’s technology! It’s a continuous evolution.

After a few design changes the Lampo finally fits to the vision of Protoscar as a sexy, high-performance electric sports car. Even though Lampo proved that electric cars can be cool and can have high performances, there is a big step ahead to convince big car manufacturers that EVs are the future. And there’s a much bigger step to convince buyers that plugging in is better than filling up.

Lampo II has two electric motors and can operate as a four-wheel drive. With 350 HP, 600 Nm (50% more than Lampo I) and over 30 kWh of Lithium-Ion battery capacity, LAMPO II accelerates in 5 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, has a maximum speed of 200 km/h and an autonomy of over 200 km. Quite impressive for an EV!

The second generation of Lampo will first be presented at the Geneva Motor Show this year, and Protoscar says this one will be much faster and bigger than the Lampo I.

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