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LIDAR: Predicting The Wind By Using Smart, Laser-Equipped Wind Turbines


The researchers from Riso DTU completed the first test on a wind turbine with a laser-based anemometer built into the spinner to increase electricity generation.

The wind direction, gusts of wind and turbulence can be predicted and it’s estimated that future wind turbines will increase energy production while reducing extreme loads, by using this laser system, called LIDAR.

Using LIDAR, the turbines will be able to “see” the wind before it hits the blades, so they can be adjusted  to use the it more efficiently.

This industry will grow over the next years due to a global focus on renewable energy and climate change.

There are expectations that the technology will increase energy production by up to 5%, because of the possibility of using longer blades. This technology could cut CO2 emissions by 25,000 tons by 2025, if every 10th wind turbine is equipped with LIDAR.

The LIDAR system will be used for increasing the blades’ reliability, by making the blades cope better with the wind irregularities. At the same time it is possible to produce larger blades, increasing energy production.

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