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Mercedes Jumps Into PHEV Wagon With The Upcoming S-Class Generation


Car manufacturers finally got the point that we should not play with the environment as we please but instead we should protect it in order to ensure a tomorrow for all of us.

That is why more and more car-makers are preoccupied in finding ways to reduce fossil fuel usage and CO2 emissions. One of Europe’s largest automotive manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz, announced that the next generation of the S-class will come with a plug-in hybrid engine.

This, combined with the weight reduction and aerodynamic improvements, will decrease the CO2 emissions below 100g/km and and consumption to about 80mpg. Mercedes officials stated that the technology will be implemented for all the classes they will manufacture in the future. Thomas Weber, R&D boss, said that “it makes a lot of sense to bundle the high-price tech option to the sort of customers willing to pay for this sort of things”.

This means that if the market requests green energy, automakers are willing to implement it. The market’s need is the determinant factor to change fossil fuels with alternative energy.

The Mercedes team stated that an electric version in this moment is not viable for them, because of the short range the batteries will offer. It’s not impossible to manufacture such a car but with the needed space, comfort request and the necessary safety, the weight of the car is just too high. An increased weight decreases the autonomy of the car which would be finally unacceptable from Mercedes’ buyers point of view.

Also, the next generation of the S-class will be cheaper and will come with 2 brand new engines: a six and eight-cylinder petrol engines. The car will have a stop-start technology, while the engine will be capable of being turbocharged or used in conjunction with an electric motor. The figures speak for themselves: 10% more power, 25 % more torque and 25% economy than existing petrol motors.

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