Hyundai Blue2 – Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept Vehicle Unveiled in Seoul

Going green is a direction every major car maker has to approach at some point. I’s just that for Hyundai i’s more of a “going blue” trend than it is green: its new hydrogen fuel concept vehicle presented on this week’s Seoul auto show is called “Blue2” and it reads “Blue Squared.”

Though not much blue on it, the features are those of a winner: the hydrogen fuel stack power is 90 kW (1.65 kW/L), while still having fuel economy in mind – 34.9 kilometers per liter, the equivalent of 82 mpg. The low-resistance tires and alloy wheels have been added to increase the aerodynamic character of the car.

The Korean car producer is hoping to stay ahead of the game with its competitors Toyota and Ford Motor Co by having made progress to its internal combustion engine (the add up of the gasoline direct injection).

Oh! And if you’ve wondered where the name Blue 2 comes from, it is a “hybrid” between Hyundai’s sub-eco brand “Blue Drive” and hydrogen gas H2.


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