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intelliPaper Finds New Way to Convert Scraps of Paper into Functional USB Drive


intelliPaperEven though the advent of email and social networking has resulted in a significant drop in the quantity of paper used in communication and storage, the use of paper hasn’t totally gone out of the system.

A company known as intelliPaper has discovered a way to turn little scraps of paper into programmable documents as well as usable USB drives that could lead to a significant change in the printing industry and also reduce the amount of electronic waste targeted at landfill sites.

In manufacturing the smart-paper product, they insert a silicon chip in between the layers of paper, after which this is laminated and then conductive USB traces are printed on the paper connected to the chip. Thus, this paper USB drive could be set in almost any paper product such as promotion mailers, greeting cards and business cards. Despite working just like those other plastic USB drives, they can also be posted in the mail just like ordinary paper.

Whether you’re thinking about adding a digital version of your sales presentation to all your business cards or planning to send grandma a greeting card having your memorable pictures added directly to the paper, this can be an important solution. This is because these paper drives can be decorated, written on, or stapled onto other documents. Further, when these paper drives are no longer useful, the paper can be separated from the electronic parts and dumped in the recycling bin.

Not too long ago, intelliPaper started a crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo, they still have a lot of work to do to reach their target.

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