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Build a Joe Cell Hydrogen Generator from a Silicone Tube! (video)


In the times when gas prices rise and rise, and there’s no optimistic future for our pockets, hydrogen and Brown’s gas generation look more and more viable than ever.

Check out these videos and experiment yourself with hydrogen generation, if you like the idea.

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  1. The Joe Cell is the most misunderstood overunity technology. Many confuse it as a HHO cell and concentrates on the electrolysis aspect only. But in reality the Joe Cell is a excellent dynamic orgone accumulator (google Orgone and Wilhelm Reich!). The water acts as a orgone insulator, but in a more dynamic way than organic materials in the classic orgone accumulators of Wilhelm Reich.

  2. Hi, I had no idea what a “Joe Cell” was when I began watching. I cannot understand why you needed 3 metal tubes, as only a Pair of electrodes is required. Also, the outer plastic shell is not required if you can seal up the outer metal tube, as it’s outside surface does nothing. This is electrolysis of water to form a H2 plus O mix (the perfect explosive ratio) and the use of AC means that they cannot be drawn off separately. I think if you wanted to go for a ride or even rev the engine up, it would refuse as there is likely only sufficient fuel gas, for idling. Also this can be a dangerous explosion risk if the engine does not suck all the gas in.  I think perhaps just a stainless steel bolt and One tube would suffice as two electrodes. Luckily the bolt threads increase it’s surface area. Good luck with this as it’s obviously just at an early stage. Graham.


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