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Joe Newman's Free Energy Device – Eye Witness News Video


Joe Newman claims for a long time he has succeeded to make a free energy device by using magnets. A lot of people hate him, including high officials and oil company owners. See and decide for yourself if there’s a glimpse of truth in his claims, as presented in some TV documentaries.

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  1. Unfortunately, the powerful global financial elite oligarchs, will never allow such a god giving gift to materialise for the better good, as long as they can profit from every drop of oil in existence on earth. Scientific discoveries, are purposely incomplete, for only a few to know the real truth. Imagine a world where simple devices like this would power the world for free energy, never having to pay for electricity. Do you really think those whole own the electric power instructor would allow this to happen on a mass production scale. Imagine the billion, trillion of dollars they lose. Corporations are in-thrown, they control the politics of this world, and they are financed by the financial global elite, or a better word to identify them would be \"Greedy financial world mobsters\". We are better off building such devises for our own personal use and either selling such items locally to friend and families, or even starting up your own business, while making the information available or open source sort to speak, therefore public knowledge will prevent it from being copied by corporate America for their own self-fish money pocketing scheme.

    I\’m sure the government is working and fiddling with such things, but then U.S. Government can break into the U.S. paten office at any given time and take any ones patents for their own use if they find it unquestionably needed, without having to ask the inventor.

    If you would like to keep up with all the bad happing in this world on a day to day basis, without being censored by the general controlled media. Please take a look at http://www.prisonplanet.com and/or infowars.com. You won\’t be disappointed.

  2. Do your mission a favour and edit that video to remove all the old film clips that keep interrupting the actual story, it’s incredibly annoying and you’re asking a lot as it is that people sit down and watch such a long video. It does nothing to enhance the message, but in fact dilutes it by frustrating the viewer who just wants the information about the device itself, not irrelevant soundbites from some old clips!

  3. I think this guy is brilliant, the most inventions are made by normal people and allmost non of this high educated and graduated people they have to work after some darwinistic theory.
    and if this high science educated will come out the box and accepts that because they hold a ph.d in science its doesn`t means that they have the brain thats can figure out this things we just have seen in this video. and another things in this science environment they have to be loyal to there employer in most case goverments and if they give some these inventor people credits for there inventions in public they will loose there job and so one. Hope the people of terra wakeup and see they all have been fooled and misslead and some degree manipulated by there own goverment and educations system…..

  4. Joe has some interesting ideas but he fails to understand humanity and how to explain them. He also is limited in his scope and selective in his observations which causes him to miss the mark of atomic weights, material properties and thousands of other phenomena that exist. His Gyroscopic particle is … ‘ interesting ‘ … and he should look at the electret to expand his theories.


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