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Almost-Overunity Motor Generator Recovers Back EMF

Thane Heins – The Back EMF Recovery System’s inventor – courtesy TheStar.com

… I already see grumpy comments on this article. In fact, every time I present some piece of news that isn’t framed into the same old scientifically and universally-agreed box, people are starting to oppose and suddenly, a lot of the enlightened and bright engineering minds reduce themselves to a state of denial, which not only that does not filter information, but neglects proven facts, if they are not supported by a strong and all-agreed theory from behind.

So has this man been confronted with. His name is Thane Heins, and he has seemingly discovered something science believes it is not possible: to increase the power of an electric motor by applying the same amount of energy at its input.

Every electric motor has a force that opposes the propelling electromagnetic field inside it, called “Back EMF”. Heins succeeded to recover this back-EMF and, instead of letting it cause resistance, he transformed it into useful power. This claim has brought him opposition for many years from the scientific community, because it seems to violate Lenz’s law (Lenz’s law gives the direction of the induced electromotive force (emf) and current resulting from electromagnetic induction. The law provides a physical interpretation of the choice of sign in Faraday’s law of induction, indicating that the induced emf and the change in flux have opposite signs. Heinrich Lenz formulated the law in 1834. – source: wikipedia). His overunity motor generator device can accelerate from 100 rpm to 3,500 rpm without increasing power.

He was even contacted by NASA and several engineers and scientists who wanted to see his claims. He always obliged and showed the people his invention, saying he has got nothing to hide. Furthermore, Heins wants to make the details of his technology public and free, so anyone could reproduce it.

Heins’s most important partner is with California Diesel & Power, a $10-million company selling backup generators for cellphone towers in California, with AT&T being one of its largest customers.

Owen Charles, head of technology at California D&P, viewed Heins’ demonstration videos on YouTube last year and was intrigued. He flew to Ottawa for a live demonstration and was convinced the technology worked, at least enough to pursue it further. Tyler Hamilton, from CleanBreak, has a more detailed story on Heins.

The Back-EMF recovery system is not a perpetual motion machine – yet. He only claims to have improved the efficiency of the electric motor, but by doing that, he says the invention is approaching overunity, and possibly zero-point energy collection. His device can accelerate a motor from 100 rpm to 3,500 rpm without increasing power.

Now, that is as far and I go with Heins. By doing a brief search on Google, you may find out there are more than one inventions that harness the back-EMF. One of them even shows a principle schematic of such a device you can build in your garage:


It seems to me, at a first sight, that this device’s mechanism is similar to that of the Tesla 4-battery charger. I don’t know if I’m fully right, but if there is anyone out there reading this article, and having experimented with such devices, please leave a message on the comments field below, so everybody can see it and make an opinion about its functionality.

I still believe there is so much to discover in science that I find hard to believe that only some 200-years-old experiments are reflecting the reality in its entirety. Even if I don’t understand everything an experimenter with wild ideas does in his garage, I don’t say he couldn’t be right, because most of the world’s greatest ideas did come from a backyard garage, done by some student who quit school for making his ideas come true (well, this is the case with modern times’ students, but the law generally applies to all times).

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  1. I’ve seen Thane Heinz’ technology work with my own eyes and it does what he claims it does. And he is a very noble man indeed. I wish him well.
    So zero point energy is well known. What is less understood is that we are coming in to an era where harnessing this abundant (putting it absurdly mildly) energy will soon be a common thing.
    People often confuse overunity with tapping into zero point energy, aka vacuum energy. I believe this might also be the same thing as Nikoli Tesla’s radiant energy.

  2. Yes, it is possible to increase the speed of a motor without increasing the output energy. I have a motor that does that; the motor is also overunity.

  3. So far it seems that at least these people are using BackEMF not to hinder the rotation of a motor-generator but for something useful:

    Thane Heins, John Bedini, Joseph Newman, Bill Mueller, Konehead, Hector Perez Torres, EVGray, Rick Friedrich, Peter Lindemann and Paramahansa Tewari. There are probably many others.

  4. It is said that elctric and magnetic field energy do work in charging particles ot matter. This is correct. But somtimes we could get additional energy output when this process occur. For example, in the case of magnetic field alignig an Iron’s magnetic domain, alot of addional energy can be gained from the resulting magnetic field. Is any one interested in unlocking the secret?

  5. There are various ways to tap energy from our ever blessed environment. To achieve this one must think beyond the faints manmade physics and chemisrty laws.I actually have design a perfect method of taping the unlimited electrom motion energy resulting in magnetic energy in permanent magnet.This is a simple but complex principle based on magnetic dmain theory.

  6. @David Davis 
     Hi David, 
     I also believe in perpetual motion…just seeing the earth spin by it self for all this time of history proves it, you just need to know the facts of nature to secede in doing it. The power giving off of a atom splitting even would say allot. The answer is there and only just needs to be asked to God in how everything works and how he designed it. 
    Best regards,


    • The secret is Bucking Powers. You mimic that in any design, you will get.over unity. I applied this principle by bucking or shorting individual bucking coil and viola, the output current and voltage at just less than 60hz skyrocketed by 50!

  7. @Raymond Earle 
    very true buddy…. we all learn something new every day, their is so much out there that we haven’t yet begun to discover! whyme2b….You Tube.

  8. I only have a short comment for everyone, including scientists. Voltaire, Lenz and many others had thier naysayers. If bell had said everyone would communicate by a wire less telephone in the future. You would have been able to hear the laughter around the world. SCIENCE IS OF THE FUTURE. Use the past for making the future better. NOT RIDICULE.

  9. I have my rotary piston engine, that show it could have a efficiency of over 85%. This engine could run on any type of fuels and even air its self. This design allows piston to travel in a circle, instead a moving up/down. My basic rotary design show just how much power this engine can produce. This is patented, and I must try to get this engine produced.

    A basic 12″ rotary with a piston area of 1 in/sq, with a 12″ rotor or having a 6″ power stroke.
    This is calculated to show how much torque at say 120 psi, so 120 psi would have a total output of ((120*6″)/12)= 60 pounds of force.
    Using this basic understanding, if a combustion of fuel is used at 800psi up to 2000 psi then we will have ((800*6″)/12)=400 ft/lb or ((2000*6″)/12)=1000 ft/lb this show just with a piston size of 1 in/sq could do. Now if we use air as a force to move the rotary piston with a constant air flow of 120psi use the same 12″ rotary we could get a total output of ((120*6″)/12)= 60 lb. at 3600 rpms would be (60*3600)/5252)=41.13 hp.
    This engine has a 350% powerstroke, unlike any engine today.


  10. If perpetual motion ever is possible, it will be through combining a motor such as this that can accelerate to high speeds on a steady current, and drives a generator through a low gearing. If I understand this motor right, then it should continuously accelerate just like a rocket, achieving higher efficiency the faster it goes.

    I know this is supposed to be impossible… but the \’law\’ of conservation of energy is based on observation, and violoting this is no whackier than \’quantum\’ or \’negative\’ energy in my opionion!

    This is an idea that occured to me over 20 years ago, and though moderately educated in mechanics and physics, I have not yet seen what could be wrong with it. I can simultaneously see how it would work, and see why it should not work… it boggles my mind still and hopefully me writing this here will lead to some answers!

    • Law of Conservation of Energy does not mean “you cannot create energy from nothing” (well also means that), but the meaning that is not discussed is that all the energy has already been created and is all around us.

      You can only transform energy to other forms. Look into transformers. How does the secondary know how much volts&amps are on the primary side? It does not know. So how can you fake that there is?


    • Gerard Morin has a motor that raises RPM just by voltage and frequency. Current stays about the same. Voltage we can create as much as we want


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