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Car Built by Romanian Inventor Gets 784 MPG Fuel Efficiency

Image credit: Antena1 Romania

Remember Justin Capra, the Romanian inventor of the jetpack? Well’s he’s done it again. Now, his ingenuity inspired him to build a small car that has a fuel efficiency of 784 miles per gallon! How about that?

He said in an interview to a Romanian television, Antena1, that he blended gasoline with water and that with less than a gallon (three liters) one could go from Bucharest to Budapest (480 miles).

Real world tests have already been made to support his claims. The small mono-seater can reach a maximum speed of 50 mph and has a fuel tank of only three liters (0.8 U.S. gallons). The car also has all of the elements you need to get from point A to point B, meaning that it has a comfortable seat, heat from the exhaust pipe and a rain cover.

Capra says: “I’ve been able to get this low consumption (n.a. 470 mpg) – which is actually a lot lower – by also using a water emulsion, meaning that it would be 0.3 L/100 km (784 mpg).”

Justin Capra (photo credit: Intact Images)

People won’t have to worry about a high price, as the car doesn’t come with one. It only costs 2,000 euros, and weighs only 330 pounds. He worked for a year building it and hopes that in two to three years we’ll see on the streets of Romania and not only.

The inventor admits this car is not a head-turner, but he also says that is was not projected for that. I do have to disagree with him at this point, though: wouldn’t you turn your head after that buggy-shaped thing, especially when you know what it is?

“There’s no more room left in Bucharest. Not on the sidewalk, not in the home, not under your home, meaning that the car has ended up being a means of blocking the traffic, not a means of transportation,” he says.

Here’s the original video by Antena1, in Romanian. I’ll try to make a translated version as soon as possible.

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