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Justin Capra, Inventor of 784 MPG Car, Dies at 81


Justin Capra, the original inventor of the jetpack and the 784 mpg car died yesterday at the age of 81.

We wrote a couple of articles on Justin Capra – most of his inventions have been focused on transportation. He usually said modern transportation has failed to reach its purpose:

“The automobile is a crime. The automobile hasn’t reached its purpose. The automobile’s has been designed to carry us. But it’s not transporting us, it’s transporting itself. A thousand kilos [2,200 lbs] to carry 78-80 kilograms [150-160lbs], and if we count in all the conversions, there’s 2 percent efficiency and 98% destruction of the atmosphere.”

Capra also said on his Facebook page he got threats from some car manufacturers in Romania (Dacia-Renault is the largest of them), whose brass told him that there’s a big mafia involved in car manufacturing, and that they’d need two years to build an assembly line for his ultra-efficient vehicle.

Rest in peace, maestro!

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