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Koffeeform Makes Recyclable Cups From Coffee Grounds


Koffeeform, a promising new startup from Berlin, offers fully recyclable, eco-friendly coffee cups, made from leftover coffee grounds.

Last week I brought to you a short article on the culture of using disposable coffee cups, emphasizing how a seemingly innocent daily habit can actually be devastating for the environment. However, I am a true believer that criticism, for the sake of it, without actually offering a constructive alternative, is just useless ranting.

So here it is. The alternative to disposable coffee cups, which has multiple benefits, and all of them eco-friendly.

Meet Koffeeform, the Berlin-based startup that has taken up the hard task to change the mind sets of the population. These guys are making coffee cups out of leftover coffee grounds. It took them a couple of years to come up with the best material for this, but the result is definitely worth the wait.

They developed special bio-polymers, which are the base material for the product. This material is fully recyclable and makes the cups very light and durable. In addition, the process of production follows a proper CO₂-neutral material cycle.

I believe this is already a great step forward, but Koffeeform did not stop here. The cups are super nice-looking. They have this dark marble color, and they add a hint of additional coffee aroma, to enhance the taste and stimulate your smell senses even further. Last but most definitely not least, the material that makes the cups is in fact dish washer friendly. This makes them a wonderful part of the inventory of any up-and-coming coffee place, which aims to be sustainable and eco-friendly.

Such invention not only takes care of waste, but also introduces a much needed and very much delayed revelation in the coffee-on-the-go industry. No wonder the guys won one of the very prestigious awards for innovation this year: the Red Dot Design Award.

Let’s wish them good luck, and hope they become global very soon, because they deserve it.

Here you can see their promo video. Enjoy.

Images(c) Kaffeeform

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