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Liv Inizio Back on The Track at the Detroit Auto Show and Ready for Pre-Orders


The Detroit Auto Show was the scene for the unveiling of yet another wonder in technology. Li-Ion Motors and EV Innovations, a company specialized in energy storage solutions for most anything, presented the brand new Inizio electric car.

The gorgeous fully-electric Inizio is ready to jump into production phase and hopefully will be released on the market by July 2012.

Topping its prototype (the Liv Inizio -sold for $100,000) in both maximum speed and range, this extraordinary piece of technology is going to be a serious direct competitor for Tesla Roadster.

With a price revolving around $140,000, around 15,000 units are expected to hit the market in the first year.

Inizio has a 12-pack battery system which can generate a power output of around 40kW, upgradeable to 96kW, and an electric motor delivering 145kW. With an impressive range of 250 miles when fully charged and reaching 60mph in just 3.4 seconds, this fully-electric vehicle is definitely built for the thrills. The fully-electric rechargeable thrills!

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