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Mazda Expanding Alternative Fuels Lineup, But Not for US, Tokyo Motor Show

Mazda Alternative Fuels Showing at Tokyo Motor Show Next Month
Mazda Alternative Fuels Showing at Tokyo Motor Show Next Month

Since the introduction of SKYACTIV technologies, Mazda hasn’t slowed down in developing more powerful, and more efficient powertrains, such as their alternative fuels lineup at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

Mazda, for the most part, has specialized in the fun-to-drive. With its lineup of SKYACTIV technologies, Mazda has boosted the fun-to-drive while improving fuel economy and reducing emissions. The popularity of Mazda vehicles, such as the spirited Mazda2, are testament enough, but there is only so much that a conventional powertrain can do to to reduce emissions without turning to alternative fuels, such as electricity and natural gas.

This year’s Tokyo Motor Show [TMS], which runs from November 22nd through December 1st, like all motor shows, is the best place to see the next big thing that automakers are doing to impress, drivers and regulators alike! This year, Mazda will have a bunch of vehicles on display at TMS, a couple of which look to expand their foray into decreased emissions and better fuel economy.

The new Mazda3 miniwagon will be available in various powertrain configurations. The new Mazda3 Sport SKYACTIV-D with a 2.2ℓ diesel engine, which is inherently more efficient than gasoline models, will go on sale starting January 2014. In the alternative fuels department, the Mazda3 SKYACTIV-CNG Concept looks promising, a dual-fuel vehicle that can run on gasoline or compressed natural gas, which emits 20% less carbon dioxide than a comparable gasoline engine.

The only problem with these alternative fuels vehicles, aside from the fact that the Mazda SKYACTIV-CNG is just a concept, is that the -D, and -Hybrid are only available in Japan. Sorry, US.

Image © JAMA [Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association]

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