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New Eco-Friendly Material Can Replace Plastics In Virtually Any Industry


zeoform.jpg.662x0_q100_crop-scaleA new material, made from waste paper and water, brings a new light to the paper recycling business. By simply grinding cellulose fibers, the inventors of the new technology called Zeoform produced a revolutionary, non-toxic and biodegradable alternative to plastic with applications in various industries, from construction to jewelry and musical instruments manufacturing.

The process of producing Zeoform is identical to the natural hydroxyl bonding. All that is required is to mix reconstituted cellulose with water, and the result is a wood-like substance, which not only captures the carbon molecules from the waste material, but it is also so strong, that can be turned into virtually anything.

To make the story even more exciting, the guys behind Zeoform decided to ask for funds through crowdfunding in order to upscale the manufacturing process from a small test experiment to a large-scale production of the eco-friendly materials. They managed to collect enough money to build a brand new facility, which will serve as a base for research and development of new technologies. The place is called “Centre of Excellence” and it will be the first to demonstrate and sell Zeoform.

The makers claim that the technology is truly revolutionary. This is not only because of its endless applications in various fields and industries, but also because it introduces environmentally friendly materials, that can replace all these non-degradable and highly toxic conventional products.

The company still accepts donations for their Zeoform Indiegogo campaign. If you are interested to become part of this, and help them transform the planet to a better and more sustainable place, go ahead and visit the site.

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