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McDonald’s Jumps on Board the Sustainability Bandwagon


mcdonalds-burgerOn January 7th, fast food giant McDonald’s, announced that it will begin buying only verified sustainable beef in 2016.

Bob Langert , McDonald’s Vice President, stated that the company is not quite ready to commit to a specific quantity it would purchase in 2016, or when it might achieve its lofty goal of buying 100% of its beef from verified sustainable sources.

Rather Mickey D’s will only go as far as stating that it will focus on increasing the annual amount each year after 2016. It might take a decade, or more, to reach a 100% sustainable goal.

To the surprise of many, McDonald’s has been investigating the social and environmental impacts of its supply chain for a while now. In fact, the Sustainable Land Management Commitment, created by the company in 2011, stipulates that suppliers gradually source food and materials from sustainable land. The focus was on packaging, palm oil, coffee, fish, beef, and poultry.

This led to the company’s goal to source only palm oil that has been certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil by 2015.

McDonald’s supporters and detractors alike have pricked up their ears with McDonald’s latest sustainable beef announcement since it elevates sustainability as a business issue and sound investment for global companies.

Who knows? This move may pave the way for all kinds of business to focus more on corporate social responsibility.

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