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Melbourne, Australia Certified as Carbon Neutral


CH2_Western_Timber_ShuttersThe National Carbon Offset Standard of Australia (NCOS) certified the city of Melbourne as the latest carbon-neutral metropolis in the country.

Although this is already a remarkable achievement, the city officials are not planning to stop there. They have identified a number of key areas where further emission reductions can take place, as part of the Net Zero Emissions Strategy.

Special attention will be paid at the commercial sector, residential sector, transport and the power sector. It is expected that by year 2020, the emissions could be reduced by up to 20%.

Specific programs have already helped businesses and buildings cut down  energy consumption and enhance power generation. A great example is the most remarkable building in the city, the Council House 2. Here, numerous measures have been implemented, including the construction of a cogeneration plant, and the fitting of photovoltaic systems to power the elevators and heat water.

Various strategies have been put into practice to encourage green transport, including the Cycle Melbourne scheme.  The dependence on fossil fuels have been reduced by stimulating the construction of small-scale solar power generators.

The achievements were made possible through the NCOS Carbon Neutral Program. If a city is certified as carbon neutral, it means that it has genuinely reduced its overall greenhouse gas emissions.

As stated by the CEO of Low Carbon Australia, Meg McDonald, cities like Melbourne contribute to the global move to a low carbon future.

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