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Mission Motors Declares Bankruptcy, No Electric Super Bike


mission-motors-mission-one-electric-motorcycle-prototype_100359564_sMission Motors, the company that made the news with their powerful prototype of an electric super motorbike, went bankrupt before it could bring the bike to the market. But who is to blame?

Sad news for all motorbike lovers, who were waiting for that brilliant model that will make them ditch their diesel two-wheelers, and go all green. The electric superbike, which promised a top speed of 150 mph, and acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds, will not become reality, as its makers Mission Motors declared bankruptcy last week.

Mission Motors, the company that was initially called Hum Motors before 2009, split into to about two years go, to form Mission Motorcycles and Mission Motors. The two sister companies had individual responsibilities- the former was responsible for building electric motorcycles, while the latter had to execute electric powertrain projects.

It all looked highly promising, especially when the company showed the prototype of the ultimate electric motorcycle, which is even now, the lap record holder for electric motorcycles at the Laguna Seca Raceway.

But it seems it did not work according to plan for the guys, and the two-wheeler could not reach the showrooms, as neither Mission Motorcycles nor Mission Motors is still in business. Apparently, they ran out of money when some of their key engineers resigned and joined the enemies, before producing even a single mainstream electric bike (to anyone’s knowledge).

Rumor has it that Apple is the company that ruined Mission Motors, but it does not seem to be entirely true. Yes, by openly stating that they are building the next best electric car, the i-makers managed to attract three of Mission Motors’ employees- two in 2011, and one in 2014. But this is not all. Tesla has also managed to attract engineers from Mission Motors, five in fact, while Google currently has four of the company’s ex-employees, and Harley Davidson has one.

It is devastating for Mark Seeger, the CEO of Mission Motors, but for the company’s employees, it actually worked out pretty neatly. I will not be surprised if something much bigger emerges out of this whole situation, but I will restrain myself from making speculations. For now let’s just say it is a shame that the super cool electric motorcycle by Mission Motors could not make it.

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