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More Efficient Biomass Heater from Japanese Scientists


biomass-heaterEast Asian countries have an abundance of low efficiency, high carbon dioxide emitting heating sources. The Japanese scientists are working to develop new heating systems, with less harmful environmental impact.

Millions of small hibachi style portable heaters running in rural homes can be replaced with a biomass charcoal combustion heater they are developing. The cut off in carbon dioxide emissions might get to 4.46 million tons/year.

Running the new system with Japanese oak charcoal, the thermal efficiency is about 65-86%; running with waste biomass charcoal (branches, soybean fiber, etc.) the thermal efficiency is about 60-81%; this is a lot more than of the existing technologies spread in the US or Turkey, those having a thermal efficiency of 46-54%. The carbon emissions are much lower, less than 5 ppm.

It remains to be seen what will the price be for these heaters, because money is always taken into consideration when talking about changes.


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