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Muammer Yildiz Magnetic Motor at Delft University, Netherlands


Muammer Yildiz, a Turkish inventor, has just demonstrated his own version of a magnetic motor at the University of Delft, in the Netherlands, in front of an audience made of university staff and students.

This is something I’ve been expecting for a while. Magnetic motor news have been spread all over the world and the internet, with all kinds of possible setups and pseudo-inventors that had claimed themselves to be the center of all science, to have had discovered the configuration in which magnets could become monopolar and run a motor that did useful mechanical work.

His device ran for more than 10 minutes, rotating a fan. The wind speed was measured and it has been concluded that the power of Muammer Yildiz’s magnetic motor is about 250 W.

Suspicions of a battery hidden in the device do exist, but to catch everyone’s attention and prove this was no fake, Muammer Yildiz gave his magnetic motor to the students to break apart and study it. PESN reports that another demonstration is to be kept May 12, somewhere in Germany. Watch the video and see for yourself. If his magnetic motor works, there are no hidden tricks and the magnets will last for as long as to produce useful energy at a cheap price, then we’ll have an energy revolution… maybe.

Yildis had already shown his device on a Turkish television:

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  1. Icon I agree, he is one of the biggest scam artists around!!  He claims to be a physicist and barely finished high school.  I know the family personally and they all just roll their eyes.

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  3. I worked and funded Jim Boswell from Fresno,calif. this guy stole a pretty good amount of money from me and ended up being the biggest con artist I ever meet. He ended up losing his wife because of his lies and uses the fear factor to keep his bull alive. Jim has never had a single Physicist or anyone with a degree look and examine his battery powered invention. In fact if you look at his unit work ? The unit has a lamp cord coming out of it that supposedly carries 15kw.
      While working with Jim he claimed to have his law degree, be a Army Ranger, have both of his Femurs replaced with stainless steel and a never healing hole in his chest as a result of an accident from one of his devices blowing up. Jim’s ego helped him run for Mayor in Fresno where he got 12 votes.
       He tells everyone PG and E has threatened him and strange government people have shot at him and so much more. He is the worst thing that could ever happen to this open area of science.
       He once told me he uses a code names to dispute everything and anything that said about him on the different websites. Look at the dates on his downloads on the websites and you’ll see his make believe unit has been out for 4 years now and still no one has seen it work.
       Keep the faith !

    • We never ran a story on him, it’s the first time I see his name. Could you please leave some links of his “work?” Thanks.

    • There actually is a PROVEN motor built by a guy named Jim Boswell in California. I don’t know all of the details but a few fellow Physicists and I have seen Boswell’s newest energy technology as well as his prototype fuelless vehicle. The energy technology is only about the size of a loaf of bread and we were allowed to use our own testing equipment to see the 24Kwh this device was putting out. The car was amazing and uses no fuel, oil, water, solar, batteries or anything but Boswell’s engine. I know both of his technologies, and he has others he is attempting to fund the building of, are based off of magnetic theories but also create an enormous amount of power and torque by utilizing Boswell’s own design. It really is quite amazing and although he is attempting to get his technologies out to the general public, he has been fighting an uphill battle against the obvious foes. We do hope he is successful. So much so, we have started a fund in the hopes of helping Boswell release his designs. We will be meeting with Boswell again at the end of this month to discuss funding options.

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  5. Alexander the great: You need therapy. There are no magnetic powered cars anywhere in the world. There never will be.

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