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Multi-purpose Vehicles Made from Recycled Materials Could Save Lives in Tanzania


galimoto-46Tanzania is one of the African countries where people constantly have to struggle with little income, lack of water and food, as well as long distances to nearest hospitals and schools. In this respect, having a mean to reach towns, transport goods and access crucial facilities would definitely be a revolutionary solution to some of the most pressing problems of the inhabitants of the rural areas.

A small business project, called GalimotoCar, addresses the issue by developing and producing vehicles out of recycled materials. The guys behind the initiative believe that such technology would greatly contribute to improving the quality of life.

We often hear about various projects based in Africa that have the aim to provide better education and health services to the hundreds of thousands of people currently living in rural areas. Most such initiatives invest in building schools and hospitals, but not so many deal with problems such as reaching these new facilities, for example.

This is where GalimotoCar comes in, with their proposal to completely transform the way of life in rural areas of Tanzania by creating jobs and at the same time developing the ever-so-needed locally produced mean of transportation. The so called multi-purpose vehicles will not be super high class and luxury drives, but they will be able to fit up to 15 people inside at any given time, or be used to transport as much as 1000 litres of water. In addition to this, the vehicle could also be used to grind mill maize and cereals, squeeze sunflower oil, pump water out of wells, and last but not least, be a source of power to small villages and communities.

What makes the project even better is the fact that the materials that will make up this vehicles will 100% recycled or rejected, the cars will greatly contribute to improving the environmental quality and raise awareness at the same time.

The initiative is truly inspirational. It has the potential to transform the way the community functions by creating jobs, increasing local income, providing a mean to rescue animals, transporting people and of course showing the community that they are capable of building such great products themselves.

The guys behind GalimotoCar guarantee that all money that they receive will go towards improving the business. They encourage everyone, who really wants to make a difference, to support them and donate even if it is a little bit. It will definitely mean a lot.

Image (c) GalimotoCar

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