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Namir: The World's Fastest Hybrid Car


A few days ago, the Geneva Motor Show was the event where we could see the hybrid that can travel 187 mph (almost 301 km/hour), or 2,000 km without recharging or refilling.

Italdesign’s sexy and fast Namir vehicle was officially released. The car is able to have a pollution factor of amazingly 60g of CO2 per kilometer.

The fuel efficiency is about 39 km/l, about 92 miles / gallon. With the 50 l  tank you can travel almost 1200 miles.

Both electric and combustion engines are able to provide a total amount of 270 kW, approximately 370 hp, like a gas-guzzling sport car.

For designing Namir, Italdesign has worked with Frazer-Nash, and they have now a slick nice car looking a little like their Quaranta concept vehicle.

We don’t know the price for this piece of jewelry yet, but we will certainly like to see it on the highway.

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