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Nanologix turns urine to electricity


Everyone agrees hydrogen is a wonderful fuel to use, whether in fuel cells or normal engines, as the exhaust is pure water. However, there are three major problems with hydrogen: producing, storing and transporting it. Traditional methods of producing hydrogen use electricity for hydrolysis or reformatting natural gas into hydrogen. These methods waste energy, with over 20% being lost in conversion. Also, storage and transportation of the hydrogen is difficult and expensive due to its extremely small molecule size and low density.

Nanologix has a patented renewable hydrogen production method that instead of using the traditional energy wasting methods requiring natural gas or electrical power, creates the gas out of waste water and other biomass using bacteria in a “Hydrogen Bioreactor”. The bacteria eat the hydrocarbons in the waste and exhale hydrogen gas. Not only does this truly create energy, it also cleans the water. To the best of our knowledge Nanologix is the only public company producing hydrogen from waste. This process solves the storage/transportation problems as well, since the hydrogen can be converted to mechanical or electrical power on site. If more energy is produced than can be used, it can be transported over the existing electrical grid.

The production of hydrogen is an increasingly common and important procedure in the world today. According to Nanologix’s website, approximately 30 million tons of hydrogen is consumed annually worldwide, and about 3 billion cubic feet per year is generated in the U.S. alone. The hydrogen bioreactor is intended to enable manufacturing facilities to convert their waste streams into hydrogen, creating the energy equivalent of a barrel of oil at a fraction of the cost. The alternative energy source then can be converted, on-site, to electricity, thus contributing immediately to the manufacturing facilities’ bottom line. Nanologix’s goal is to lead municipalities and corporations to diversify their energy sources and protect the environment through the use of clean-burning hydrogen.

The Company is currently focused on the estimated $27 Billion market for hydrogen production, and is pursuing additional partnerships for system manufacturing, international distribution and further process development.


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  1. what is your initial use of electricity? i mean, urine doesn’t convert to electricity instantly. how much power do you use to generate the conversion??


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