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New Automotive Glass Blocks UV and Infrared Light, Saves AC Energy


A strengthened glass capable of blocking nearly 99% of infrared light for the glass in the doors of automobiles was publically released in early December by Asahi Glass Co Ltd.

Asahi based measurements on ISO 9050 standards. The name of the glass, UV Veil Premium Cool On, blocks ultraviolet rays as well as heat.

This glass surpasses the company’s December 2010-released UV Veil Premium glass which blocks 99% of ultraviolet light.

In the 2012 model glass, Asahi added a fine layer that absorbs infrared light inside the UV Veil Premium glass and made it scratch-proof.

Lab tests demonstrated that a driver’s arm temperature went up to 41.4 degrees Celsius with artificial sunlight applied to normal glass. However, the temperature of the driver’s arm with the UV Veil Premium Cool On was only 39.4 degrees Celsius.

Toyota used the glass in its 2012 Vitz FCiel and FSmart Stop Package Ciel subcompact models released in December.

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