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Toyota Yaris Hybrid to be Produced in France


Toyota Motor Corp has great plans for the future. The company wants to start producing a hybrid version of the Yaris subcompact at its factory in France, starting next year. The news has been confirmed by a Toyota spokeswoman.

According to the Mid-Japan Economist newspaper, the gasoline-electric Yaris, dubbed Vitz in Japan, will be sold in Europe. A year ago, a similar information came from France’s La Tribune newspaper, such as Toyota will build a small hybrid vehicle at its Valenciennes factory, which builds the Yaris subcompact. But a spokesman at the time had denied such a plan.

In Europe, hybrid cars are not sold very well, compared to diesels. Toyota officials said that by the end of 2020, the company plans to add the hybrid option across its entire lineup.

Honda Motor Co. also plans to release a hybrid version of the competing subcompact Jazz/Fit during the following moths.

[Source: Reuters]

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