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Nimbus e-Car Concept Touring – “The Ultimate Hippie Van?”


Nimbus e-Car electric vehicle concept.

Here’s an electric vehicle concept that you probably haven’t seen at the auto shows, which is unfortunate, because I think a lot of enthusiasts would love the Nimbus e-Car Concept, envisioned by Brazilian artist Eduardo Galvani.

Today, we might envision the 1960s hippie movement with international peace movements, tree-hugging, and so-called “free love.” In this era, the Volkswagen Kombi became what could be the vehicle-of-choice, or at least very symbolic of the generation, such as this one:

Free love and flower power, but still only 15 mpg.
Free love and flower power, but still only 15 mpg.

As far as freedom goes, however, there’s only so far that can go while chained to the pump, since even these flower-power tree-hugger van drivers depending entirely on fossil fuels to get around.

As electric vehicle concepts go, the Nimbus e-Car Concept could satisfy the taste for adventure, as well as freeing us from the pump.

As Galvani explains, “The more power and autonomy your car has, the more power and autonomy you have. By the same token, the more ecological your car is, more ecological you are.”

His electric vehicle concept combines modern emissions-free electric motor-generators and a lithium-ion battery with lightweight an inspired construction and design. Solar panels and regenerative braking help to charge the battery and, for longer trips, a gasoline-powered range-extender (a la Chevy Volt), can get you to your destination, wherever it might be. The concept is rated at 1.3 ℓ/100km, or 181 mpg.

As for design, the uniquely-shaped electric vehicle looks like a jelly bean, offering excellent visibility, interior space, and ground clearance, a safety cage, and modern road-going technology. I wish someone would build Galvani’s electric vehicle, or at least give me the funds to build one, because this is the one I would want. I would only add one thing, fold-out solar panels to the roof, to improve charging.

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